A long time ago, Europeans thought that the Sun was orbiting the Earth.

Don drove a hard bargain.

I can't open SWF files.

We've got several more of the same kind of articles.

He had lost all political power.

This car is superior to that.

Do you feel any better today?

I had other things on my mind.

Are you independent?

Wade told Maurice about that.

What is this dish called?

The children help out on the farm.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to the train station by foot.

He can't speak English, much less French.

He has the problem of adapting to a new way of life.


What did you and Glen do after dinner?

Just stay focused.

Don't let him keep this picture.

I haven't seen Mac for over three months.

"That's a woman's job," said Bert.


Nobody cares about you.

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I gained admission to the club.

Giovanni's boss is a stuffed shirt, who's very awkward in social situations.

You really shouldn't have come here.


Dorothy must've been here before.

I'm more in love with you.

Where are Donn's keys?


What kind of person is she?

Francis wasn't very concerned.

Jelske is the cutest boy in our class.


Do you ever think about us?

We'll ask him.

When he got into trouble, he turned to his parents for help.

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He's in the closet.


How did you accomplish that?

Who appointed Hotta?

Clare fell over jogging and broke his arm.

The grainy texture of these mashed potatoes is deeply unpleasant.

My brain is full.

American songs were on the air.

Malaclypse used to hate Boston.


Do you find him attractive?

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They didn't see anything.

The bug has been fixed.

They're not going to give up on us.

This project is a gold nugget.

What else can I give you?


Don't fight.


I want time instead of money.


We heard her.

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If you have some troubles, I recommend you confer with him.


A little thought will tell you that the whole plan is out of the question.

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She could not persuade him not to waste half an hour to save a few pennies.


The eagle does not catch flies.

Norbert is fun.

Griff's party was kind of fun, actually.

Keiko isn't as tall as I.

Are you following me?

You should travel while you're young instead of spending time in front of the computer.

Shepard served on a destroyer during World War II.


Why have I done it?

It'll be difficult to convince Jerry to help us clean the garage.

Old pretended he didn't see Bruno do what she did.

Irwin needs some time.

Sometimes we do what we have to do, not what we want to do.

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The lawyer doubted his innocence.

I'm just looking.

Do you think that you would enjoy being famous?

Aren't you selling this at a discount price?

My dad drops in on me from time to time.

As a general rule, it's simple to criticize, but difficult to produce alternative suggestions.

I couldn't hear a word Tai said.

He has no eye for women.

I visit my grandmother twice a week.


What seems to be the problem?

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Alison and Saad spent their honeymoon in Australia.

We walked down a narrow and winding path.

I try to keep current with important news.

I'm desperate, I don't know what to do.

There is an urgent need for money.

I assembled one.

I crossed the street even though the light was still red.

By all means. Go ahead.

What did you get from Pratap?


Eliot told us where to put our suitcases.


Maybe you should call them.


Export of the product will start soon.

He is a very imaginative writer.

In looking through the mist, I caught a glimpse of my future.

Does he have experience?

A lie detector works by detecting changes in pulse and respiration.

May you be happy in the life you have chosen!

I like the fresh air.

I feel as if I could fly.

Do you feel any pain?

He had a child even though he wasn't married.

We'll get to work on it.

This monument is closed to visitors.

It must have rained during the night; the road is wet.

Have you taken shots of this place already?

I didn't attend the meeting, and he didn't either.

Pipe down.

Brandon did it when he was drunk.


I'm from Romania.


You cannot spend money like this.

You look very charming today.

Helen gave Wendy a little push.

Monica picked up the kids after school.

It will be entertaining, if nothing else.

I appreciate you trying to cheer me up.

My friends go to The New Pizzeria every Friday evening.

You're perfectly normal.

I arrived at the moment she was leaving.

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I'll go to Uri.

The extent of the damage is inestimable.

Please lend me your knife.

He tried opening the door.

I've been working with Sundaresan for three months.

You shouldn't neglect good old friends.

Nate knows who I am.


We were close.

Frederic put a cup of coffee in front of Terry.

Taken by surprise, I was at a loss for what to answer.

I know why Heinz doesn't like Bart.

I don't think there is any way I can win this triathlon.

You have some spaghetti sauce on your face.

I told them to do that.

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I'll help you up.

Joyce pretended he didn't care.

I am making spare parts in a car factory.

Emil hit rock bottom.

The only thing you can learn from history is that you can't learn anything from history.

Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?

There are many more students in the classroom today than yesterday.


Unfortunately, June won't be able to attend your party.

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Give her something to drink.

Jill saw the movie with Ken.

He said that he must see the manager.


Do you want to leave?

Space seems to be feeling a little better.

"I want to go home." "So do I."

Rick isn't anything like I'd expected.

I've never felt so helpless.


Thank you for doing the cooking while I was sick in bed.

Alejandro studies on Saturdays.

I have already visited America.

Daren apologized for not having told Honzo sooner.

Language is unique to man.

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Poor sight is a handicap to an athlete.

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One shouldn't injure during the day, the body side on which one will lie at night.


The trunk is the main part of a tree.

The challenges are daunting, but we can overcome them.

I'm sure the guy you saw wasn't Terry.

Every sentence that starts with "I'm not racist, but" is likely to be very racist indeed.

We are back in school again after the holidays are over.


Everyone can help.

Eileen often quotes Shakespeare.

I love that museum.

Why didn't you stop?

Could you please acknowledge receipt of this note?

I hope the weather will clear up on Sunday.

I'd prefer to die rather than see you crying.